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the satanic bible pdf

    satanic bible

  • The Satanic Bible (also known as The Bible Black) was written by Anton LaVey in 1969. It is a collection of essays, observations and basic Satanic rituals, and outlines LaVey’s Satanic ideology.


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the satanic bible pdf – THE BIBLE

The Bible of the Adversary is the complete doctrine and practice of the Luciferian Faith. This Bible is for both beginners and serious Adepts, presenting the ideological theological foundations of the Spirit of Samael and Lilith. The Bible of the Adversary contains: Definitions of Magick, The Adversarial Doctrine, Luciferian Ideology, Luciferian Laws ,Luciferian Religious Holidays, Liber Legion – Infernal Names, Mastery of the Earth – Controlling your Destiny, Three Types of Luciferian Magick, Banishing Rituals and Preparations , Yatukih Sorcery – Way-i-vatar and BAPTISM, WEDDING and FUNERAL rites.

Bible Study Ephesians

Bible Study Ephesians
Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

The first word “rulers” is the Greek word “arche”. They have been around since the fall and are in the “cosmos” or heavens, or outer space around our universe. They are Regional rulers over dominion, they are also called princes in the Old Testament, Daniel 10:12-14.

Next are “powers” “exousia”. Also called dominions, or charges. They preside over evil structures in the world. You find them in places where there are structures that are used for Satanic worship, or structures used for Satan’s purposes. These would be places like Stonehenge, casino’s, etc…

Next are “forces” “kosmokrator”. These along side Satan rule over the present world order. In other words, they control the wicked world rulers of governments and evil systems.

Last we find “wickedness” “poneria” These are a large number of lower ranking demons that serve the wicked purposes of Satan. Spirits of infirmity, addiction, lying spirits, etc.

That’s how this verse breaks down.

Showing Anthony how to use his middle finger

Showing Anthony how to use his middle finger
Like a proud father should!

the satanic bible pdf

The Satanic Bible
This is Rev. Caesar 999’s latest version of his Satanic Bible. It is the only other bible titled as The Satanic Bible not as an attempt to copy Lavey as many would like you to believe, but more of an attempt to compete directly with the sales of Lavey’s satanic bible. The original spiritual title of Satan s Divine Vampir Bible was being buried in search engines by the many web sites created to promote Laveyian Satanism and monopolize the Satanic Market along with Satanism in general. Caesarean Satanism or Vampir Satanism 999 and its parallel system of Tantric Hinduism are the direct antithesis of Laveyian Satanism. We have two completely opposing beliefs or philosophies and yet have a common religious adversary which is generalized within most right-wing religions such as Judeo-Christianity. This may very well be the only common ground we share and in all other areas stand firmly against each other as dueling opponents. We find a much closer bond and have absorbed far more of the teachings of Aleister Crowley than we may ever have of Lavey with his mercenary and selfish philosophy.
In 2006-7 we sold over a 100 copies of our new Satanic Bible counting the different versions of course and going by Ingram s statistics Laveyians only sold about 2,000 copies of their bible a year before. This is mainly to book stores and their own grottoes for resale. So, this can be roughly estimated to about 5% of the Satanic Market we have taken away from them. This will double in the next few years. This will be a showdown between the Spiritual Satanism of Rev. Caesar 999 and the selfish mercenary atheistic Satanism of Lavey. This is why many Laveyian’s will place negative reviews and other forms of propaganda in an attempt to limit sales of what they fear as a great threat to their claim on a so-called monopoly on Satanism and of course The Satanic Market. They have long fought to attain such a monopoly, but this Satanic Bible is the monopoly buster and proof that they are not in control of anything and can not stop this force known by Rev. Caesar s first spiritual temple name, Church Of The Antichrist 999, and now with its parallel Temple of Kama.
Rev. Caesar’s Satanic Bible contains a very important and much needed new system known as The Anti-Christian or Satanic Moral-Value System. This will replace the Judeo-Christian moral-value system and restore us to the former glory of ancient civilizations before the Judeo-Christians contaminated the sacredness of the ancient religions and introduced their values upon many peoples by force through the sword and cross of damnation, rather than salvation. They reinvented religion using many older beliefs and watered them down into horrid and twisted versions of the former. Many inversions were made where once things were sacred, they became blasphemous and unholy. The Holy Whore was spat upon and denigrated and we have freed her and resurrected her at last!
The Satanic Bible by Rev. Caesar 999 contains basic outlines of his beliefs and philosophies which are more deeply explored in his other works. He also has delved deep into the occult world of mysticism and magick bringing many new ideas, rituals, and theories in his many different books starting back in his younger years. He has placed a copy of his Satanic Sorcery Volume I in this new bible version. It contains some basics for beginners and some interesting philosophies. Let it be known that one book alone will never give you a complete understanding of the inner workings of Caesar’s religious, philosophical, and magickal system. He is a very spiritual person and views himself as a deep mystic bringing forth hidden spiritual knowledge for his disciples and supporters.